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Conair LLC (Cuisinart)

Electric Rice Cooker And Grain Cooker 10 cup

Electric Rice Cooker And Grain Cooker 10 cup

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  • Large LCD screen with Selector knob for easy scrolling; 10 Cup capacity  
  • Integrated quick reference guide; automatically switches to Warm when food is cooked  
  • Removable anodized aluminum cooking pot with nonstick coating; all removable parts are dishwasher safe  
  •  18 pre-programmed settings: rice: White, quick White, brown, quick  brown, wild, hard, sushi, risotto grains: small (millet, quinoa etc.),  chewy (wheat berries, bulgur, etc.), oatmeal pasta one pot meals beans  sauté steam pre-wash soak  
  • Includes: measuring cup, rice paddle and steam tray  
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