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Game Jumanji Ready to Roll - Dice & Cards

Game Jumanji Ready to Roll - Dice & Cards

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Adventurers Beware - Do Not Begin Unless You Intend To Finish!!

A Game For Those Who Seek To Find...A Way To Leave Their World Behind

The consequences of this legendary game vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji (the center) and called out its name.

Decipher riddles and take on challenges on your thrilling and unpredictable adventure through the jungle. The whole group wins when the first person reaches the center of the board.

But beware...if any player runs out of lives before someone makes it, everyone loses!

Good luck!

Includes: 30 Riddles & Challenge Cards, 1 Gameboard, 12 Life Tokens, 4 Rhino Movers, 1 Die & Instructions

Recommended For Age 8 & Up

2-4 Players

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