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Game Mahjong

Game Mahjong

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Strategy, Skill & Luck!

Since reaching American shores, Mahjong has become the go-to game for generations of classic game fans.

American Mahjong, based on the Chinese version, is a four-player game of strategy, skill, and luck, using tiles emblazoned with beautiful Chinese symbols.

Similar to the card game gin rummy, the goal is to create sets of tiles that match the tiles of a specific, pre-determined hand, by choosing and discarding tiles from your wall.

This set includes detailed instructions for players who are new to the Mahjong`s rules and tactics.

The 152 tiles feel just right to the touch. Dice, scoring chips and wind indicator complete the set.

Spend your next game night with family or friends enjoying the competition of Mahjong, a true game classic.

For 4 players

Age 8 & Up

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