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Game Tag Someone Who - The Online Phenomenon

Game Tag Someone Who - The Online Phenomenon

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Ever get tagged in a funny or cringy post because it`s so you?

Now`s the time to take it offline by tagging each other IRL with T@g Someone Who from Spin Master Games and Hunch Studios!

Playing is simple and easy to get started.

Each player picks a color and grabs the corresponding set of @ cards.

Shuffle the meme cards and place the deck in the middle of the table.

Start the game by flipping a meme card. Everyone votes for who best fits the meme card by placing the @ color of that player facedown. On the count of 3, everyone flips their answer. The player tagged the most keeps the meme card.

Keep playing until someone gets 5 meme cards- earning the official title of most memeable person in the group.

Get ready to laugh out loud at the hilarious images and prompts like T@g someone who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse or T@g someone who is the biggest diva.

This game is for 3-8 players, ages 18 and up- perfect for adult card games, family games, drinking games for adults party, board games for adults, and college dorm room essentials 

Ages 18 & Up

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