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Steam Case 1-2 Person

Steam Case 1-2 Person

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With the Steam Case, you can cook healthy, tasty and quick meals in the microwave.   Easy preparation and minimal kitchen clean-up, steam your food in  just a few minutes! All kinds of vegetables, fish, seafood, etc. Ideal  for 1 or 2 servings!   The Steam Case cooks food uniformly, in its own juice. The steam  keeps the food moist and tender. Cooking ‘en papillote’ preserves the  natural taste of the ingredients and ensures that essential vitamins and  minerals are retained.   There are so many benefits to microwave cooking; it makes the cooking  process much easier and allows you to prepare healthy, balanced and  fat-free dishes.   Made of 100% high quality platinum silicone and plastic-free. Easy  and safe to handle; it is the most energy-efficient cooking method.

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